Cloudy day意思

(a) constructing the principal transmitting station at Temple Hill which provides about 50% initial coverage in end-2007; and (b) expanding the network coverage to


75% through six more transmitting stations at

[...] Castle Peak, Cloudy Hill, Golden [...]

Hill, Kowloon Peak, Lamma Island and Mount


Nicholson respectively in early August 2008.

(b) 於二零零八年八月初在青山、九龍坑山、金山、飛鵝

[...] 山、南丫島和聶高信山完成興建另外六 個發射 站,把 網絡覆蓋範圍擴展至75%的人口。

[...] sluggish environment, cloudy prospects for the [...]

larger economies, mixed with high uncertainty and volatility


in the international financial markets, are likely to affect the global economy through different channels.

在这种经济低迷的环境下,较大 的经济体前景不 明,国际金融市场具有极大的不确定性和波动性,可能通过不同的渠道影响全球 [...]

Additionally, the Palm features an auto/on/off flash light for pictures, dual LED lights for video, a night shot auto off mode, a built-in stereo microphone and


speaker, and white balance correction settings

[...] (auto, sunny, cloudy, fluorescent [...]

and Tungsten) to ensure every memory is saved


as the user experienced it first-hand.

此外,Palm的具有自动/开/关闪光灯,夜间拍摄模式自动关闭灯的图片,视频双LED灯,内置立体声麦克 风和扬声器,和白平衡修正设置(自动,晴天 ,阴 天, 荧 光灯 和白炽灯),以确保每一个记忆都是保存为用户经历它的第一手。

In the Medical Services Section, the establishment of 15 additional national posts (6 National Officers and 9 national General Service staff) is proposed, as the Section has over the past years expanded the services it provides, which include round-the-clock operation of the UNOCI headquarters clinic, which is now functioning at level I-plus rather than the previous level I; patients are followed up at their homes after discharge from level III hospitals; patients are regularly visited in the 11 level III hospitals in Abidjan and in Sector West and Sector East; doctors in the regional headquarters perform outreach activity by visiting remote offices twice a week; support is provided to the Government during important functions and to the United Nations country team as part of the United Nations integrated framework; and medical support


is proposed to be provided

[...] eight hours a day at the logistics base in Koumassi as opposed to the current two hours a day.

在医务科,拟新设 15 个本国员额(6 个本国干事和 9 个本国一般事务人员), 因为该科在过去数年里已经扩大了它所提供的服务,这些服务包括联科行动总部 诊所不间断地运作,该诊所现在为强化一级诊所,而不是以前的一级诊所;病人 从三级医院出院后在他们家里对其进行追踪观察;定期对阿比让以及西区和东区

[...] [...] 家三级医院的病人进行探访;区总部的医生开展外联活动,一周两次访问 地处偏远的办公室;在重要的活动期间向政府和作为联合国综合框架一部分的联 合国国家工作队提供支助;拟议在库马西后 勤 基 地每 天提 供 八 小时 的医疗支助, 而不是目前的两小时。

(h) (i) Where by virtue of this Ordinance any right or liability of First Pacific Bank becomes or is deemed to become a right or liability of Bank of East Asia, Bank of East Asia and all other persons

[...] [...] the appointed day, have the same rights, powers and remedies (and in particular the same rights and powers as to taking or resisting legal proceedings or making or resisting applications to any authority) for ascertaining, perfecting or enforcing that right or liability as if it had at all times been a right or liability of Bank of East Asia; and any legal proceedings or application to any authority existing or pending immediately before the appointed day by or against [...] [...]

may be continued by or against Bank of East Asia.

(k) (i) 第㆒太平銀行的權利或法律責任,如憑藉本條例而成為或當作 為東亞銀行的權利或法律責任,即東亞銀行及所有其他㆟自指 定日期起,即具有同樣的權利、權力及補救(尤其是提出法律 程序,或在法律程序㆗抗辯,或向任 何主 管 當局 提出或反對申 請的權利及權力),以便確定、完成或強制執行該權利或法律 責任,猶如該權利及法律責任在任何時候均屬東亞銀行㆒樣; 而由第㆒太平銀行提出或針對該銀行向任何主管當局提出、並 在緊接指定日期之前存在或待決的法律程序,或由第㆒太平銀 行提出或針對該銀行向任何主管當局提出、並在緊 接 指 定 日期 之前存在 或待決的申請,均可由東亞銀行繼續進行,或可繼續 針對東亞銀行進行。

Before wind and solar power can be used more widely, for example,

[...] [...] it will be necessary to devise more efficient electrical storage devices that could store energy when the wind and sun are strong and release it at night or when the weather is cloudy or windless.

例如,在风能和太 阳能得以更普遍使用之前,必须设计更有效的电力存储设备,在风力和阳光充足 之时储存能量,在夜间或阴天或无 风时予以释放。

An easy-to-read menu lets

[...] you select an ambience setting from Vivid, Soft, Warm, Intense, Cool, Brighter, Darker to Monochrome, while a Lighting setting allows users to select from Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten light, Fluorescent light or Sunset.

一个易于阅读的菜单让你选择一个鲜艳,柔软,保暖,强,冷,更明亮,黑暗的环境设置,单色,而灯光设置允许 用户从日光,阴影, 阴 天, 白炽 灯,荧光灯选择或日落。

The oil arriving at Aceites Urzante is pure olive juice which is cloudy in appearance as it has not undergone any other process [...]

at the oil mill of origin.

到达Urzante的油是纯粹的橄榄汁液, 由于未经任何工序加工,所以呈现出浑浊的状态。

This particular piece, made by Wladimir Makowsky, a Russian artist living in Paris and a master of mother of pearl inlay work, presents a scene reminiscent of Japanese


prints: a temple at the edge of the sea, shaded by a

[...] tree under a cloudy sky in fine blue-tinted [...]


[...] Makowsky设计制造,展现了令人回想起日本印花布的景色:海边有座寺庙,一旁有大树遮蔽,天空中飘着 朵 朵白 云, 所 有这 些都用带蓝颜色的优质珍珠母镶嵌物来表现。

On the other hand, higher or variable hairiness within a lot can cause an undesired cloudy appearance for the knitted fabrics after dyeing and finishing.

然 而,另一方面,在一般纱线中,毛羽含量太高、 波动大,经过染整过後的针织布,会有不希望的 起横状况发生。

Members raised concern about the

[...] Administration's proposed “30day response period”, under which a data user who intended to use the personal data of a data subject, or provide such data to other persons for use, in direct marketing or sell such data had to provide, before the use or sale, the data subject with (a) certain written information about the data subject's personal data ("written notification"), and (b) a response facility through which the data subject might indicate in writing to the data user whether the data subject objected to the intended use or sale, and the data subject would be taken not to object if no reply indicating objection was sent to the data user within 30 days.

在該項安排下,如資料使用者擬在直 接促 銷中使用資 料當事人的個人資料、提供有關資料予 他人以供用於直接促銷或售賣有關資料,則須在使 用或售賣資料之前,向資料當事人提供(a)有關資料 當事人個人資料的若干書面資訊( 下稱" 書面通 知 "),以及(b)一項回應設施,讓資料當事人可藉此 以書面向資料使用者表明是否反對擬定的使用或 售賣,而如果資料當事人在30日內沒有向資料使用 者發出回覆表示反對,便會被視為 不反 對。

The estimated 2010 budget had

[...] been cut back, and the realization of the six-year mediumterm plan to improve the overall quality of services faced cloudy prospects.

预期的 2010 年预算已经削减,因此,实现旨在提升整体服 务质量的六年期中期计划的前景不明朗。

Under the Working and Rest Time Act, the following categories of workers have reduced working time: employees who perform underground work, work that poses a health hazard or work of a

[...] [...] seven hours per day or thirty-five hours per week; teachers and educators working in schools and other child care institutions, and other persons working in the area of education, and psychologists and speech therapists working on the basis of employment contracts entered into with a provider of health care services — up to seven hours per day or thirty-five [...]

根据《工作和休息时间法》,下述各类的工作已经缩短了工作时间: 从事地下工作、对健康构成危害的工作或特殊性质的工作的雇员――最 多每 天七小时既 每周三十五个小时;在学校和其他托儿机构工作的教师和教育工 作者,在教育工作的其他人员以及根据与保健服务提供机构订立的雇用合同 工作的心理学家和语言治疗师――最 多每 天七 小 时既 每周三十五个小时。

Within 5 min of stirring, the purple color will

[...] start to look cloudy, indicating the [...]

在5分钟内,搅拌,紫色的颜色将开始寻 找 有 云, 指 示反 应结束。

The network produced a kit in French and Arabic on “AIDS, youth and prevention in the Arab


region”, held a forum on that subject to

[...] mark World AIDS Day and contributed [...]

to action to ensure that young people in the


region have access to relevant content.

[...] “阿拉伯地区的艾滋病,青年和预防”,借世界艾 滋 病 日 之际 主持 了一个有关艾滋病 的论坛,并且为该地区年轻人能够获得适当内容做出了贡献。

Select this when shooting in cloudy weather or shade and the white balance fails to adjust [...]

阴天 阴天和背阳处等的摄影,⽩平衡不能适当调整时选择此选项。

Natasha DeLeon-Rodriguez and colleagues analyzed bacteria and fungi found in upper troposphere samples collected by researchers from NASA and elsewhere during numerous flights, including intercontinental journeys, in cloudy and cloud-free air masses before, during, and after the two major 2010 tropical hurricanes Earl and Karl.

Natasha DeLeon-Rodriguez及其同事分析了在对流层上部的样本中发现的细菌和真菌,这些样本是由美国 宇航局(NASA)和其他机构的科研人员在2010年的两场大的热带飓风Earl和Karl之前、之中和之 后通过包括跨大陆飞行的多次飞行,在有云和无云的空气团中收集的。

On the implementation of DTT broadcasting, the Panel noted that the construction of the five transmission stations at Castle Peak, Cloudy Hill, Golden Hill, Kowloon Peak and Lamma Island would be completed in stages on or before end-2008, by which time the reception [...] [...]

areas would cover at least 75% of the total population of Hong Kong.

關於推行數碼地面電視廣播的事宜,事務委員會察悉,5個 分別位於青山、九龍坑山、金山、飛鵝山及南丫島 的 發射 站將 於 2008年年底或之前分階段竣工,屆時接收範圍將涵蓋全港最少75% 的人口。

With care, the tube can be removed (by using one finger and


slowly twisting and pulling from within the tube) and inspected: it should be quite clear

[...] and transparent (not cloudy).

小心拆除光管(用一根手指慢慢旋转光管,仍光管内部拉出)并进行检查: 光管需要呈现干 净、透明的状态(不应模糊不清)。

In Tver, on the night of June 27th was cloudy, and all at the pipets many streets come flooding like living somewhere in the Amazon during the rainy season, at the same tratuaram [...]

not get puddles on the knee.

在特维尔,6月27日晚上是阴天,所有的滴管在许多街道来就像生活在亚马逊河的地方,在雨季的水浸相同t ratuaram,膝盖上的水坑。

The juice may be cloudy or clear, and may have restored (to the normal level attained in the [...]

same kind of fruit) aromatic substances and


volatile flavour components, all of which must be obtained by suitable physical means, and all of which must have been recovered from the same kind of fruit.

芳香物質(aromatic substances)及揮發性調味成分(volatile flavour components)可加入果汁,令這些物 質回復至同類水果應有的正常水平,但 必須採用適當的物理方法獲得這些物質,而且這些物質必須取自同類的水 果。

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Sept. 29, 2009—NVIDIA

[...] [...] Corporation, the inventor of the graphics processing unit (GPU), announced today that Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) utilized NVIDIA® Quadro® processors to accelerate animation and visual effects production of their latest hit film “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”.

2009年9月30日,美国加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉市——橡树岭国家实验室(ORNL)于今日正式宣布,实验 室将计划采用NVIDIA®(英伟达™)公司代号为“Fermi”的第三代CUDA GPU架构来打造世界上最快的超级计算机。